Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Ways to Celebrate Game Show Month

July is game show month!

How did the summer month get to have this illustrious title? Well, July tends to be a month that is traditionally...nontraditional. Employees are on vacations, there are a lot of new hires gearing up for the next quarter, the office can be very busy or it can seem very slow. . . so it's a great time to utilize game shows to engage, motivate and train.

So what are some ways you can celebrate game show month?

  • Play our game of the month: The Game Show Blitz, and test your knowledge of game shows past and present.
  • Organize a game show tournament that runs through multiple training modules and days. Display a leader board in the office or training room to keep competition going.
  • Bring your classroom game show online or into your webinar with QuizPoint and AllPlay Web
  • Incorporate videos, pictures and your own sounds into your game show for a highly visual, highly sensory multimedia experience.
  • Download our latest version of Gameshow Pro v4 with 10 new game board designs.
  • Try a new game show format--Gameshow Pro alone has 6 different styles. Varying the game play can add freshness to a classroom game show.
  • Have trainees create their own questions as part of a mid-training review, then use them in the game show to review.
  • Catch up on game show hosting tips in our comprehensive learning center.
  • Use a Classroom Feud-style game show to preview content and generate curiosity around a topic.
  • Join our Facebook Fan Page for frequent, exclusive tips and updates.
  • Get ready for our beta version of Gameshow Pro v5--coming in late summer!

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