Friday, February 12, 2010

Online Game Shows that Generate Interest

Most of our customers are using game shows for a training application of some sort; whether it's in a K-12 classroom, internal corporate/government training, consulting, etc.

A smaller subset of our users take game shows and use them in a different way. We have a loyal and satisfied base of DJs that have used Gameshow Pro for custom games at weddings, parties, etc.; pastors that use game shows as an addition to sermons; even entertainers who take the game show act on the road to competition nights at bars or clubs.

We even had an employee who used a Classroom Feud game at his wedding--pitting the bride's side against the groom's side in a how-well-do-you-know-the-newlyweds showdown!

(It just goes to show one that in addition to being a highly effective content retention tool, game shows are also an incredibly entertaining vehicle for learning or just for fun.)

Recently I had a different scenario proposed: Could someone use a game show to drum up public interest in a topic? The question was asked by a personal trainer, looking to stand out from the (numerous) competitors and draw potential clients to his website. He proposed doing a monthly online game show (QuizPoint would be used in this instance) to generate traffic, discussion, and to increase peoples' general knowledge of fitness topics.

It's a great idea--and one that has application both for the public AND for internal corporate/government/k-12 use. The thing is--game shows capitalize on competition. Most people love to play a fun quiz or game online, even if it's merely to test their knowledge. Having a weekly or monthly game show where online visitors can come back and prove their smarts, see where they rank amongst their quiz-taking peers, and perhaps even be entered to win a prize is an excellent way spread the word about a topic.

Used internally, weekly or monthly game shows about relevant training modules that trainees could visit and play at their own pace gets them coming back to web resources and sustains the training far beyond the bounds of a virtual or in-person classroom.

K-12 users can generate online game shows for parents (or parents and kids to play together at home)--keeping them apprised on the latest school information, hot topics and classroom subjects.

Internally, externally or for the general public, online game shows are a great way to generate, sustain and drive interest in topics.