Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gameshow Pro 5 Exclusive Features.

Gameshow Pro 5 has a lot of exclusive features that you won't find in any other product. Here are just a few of our exclusive innovations--designed to make the software more functional for trainers and useful for learning. Take a look:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gameshow Pro 5 Preview!

Gameshow Pro 5 is just moments away from release, and we are SO excited about the new version of our industry-leading product.

As Dan Yaman, our President and Founder says, "This is not only our most innovative software, but it's leaps and bounds above anything else that might be out there."

So what's new with Gameshow Pro--version 5? Let's take a journey in pictures!

New GSP5 Opening Screen
 We've re-designed Gameshow Pro 5 from the ground up. You'll notice that the logo looks different from any other product.

Throughout Gameshow Pro 5, you'll find cleaner, more modern, professionally designed graphics.

This isn't just beauty for beauty's sake, however. The graphic re-fresh also comes with increased ease-of-use, simplicity in form and an overall-intuitive feel.

GSP5 Back End
The "back end" of the product has also been completely redesigned. This is what the user sees when they are creating a game.
GSP5 Back End--Game Library

A few important feature highlights:
• It's now easier to switch between games, or to choose to only see one game at once (or all of your games).
• The question library is now beside the game questions--making it easier than ever to drag-and-drop questions for fast game creation.
• Tabs are now clearer and easier to navigate, improving the overall user experience.

GSP5 Question Editor
We've also improved the question editor, making it easier than ever to modify the layout of your question, the size and style of your text, your intro hint and info screens, and more.

Gameshow Pro 5 exclusive features include the ability to:

• Modify picture size and layout within the question.
• Manually or automatically size text.
• Add, edit and select to use or not use intro, hint and info screens.
• Select to add graphics, video and sound that you've already imported, or import new media.
• Add question description, topic AND difficulty level for super-easy sorting and sharing.
• Preview the entire question--graphics and all-- before playing the game.
GSP5 Graphic Library
We've increased the functionality of the user's graphic library--making it easier than ever to rename, sort, find, and re-use your graphics. No need to re-import if you want to re-use a graphic--they're all right there in an easy-to-access, easy to sort library.

Tic Tac Toe Title Screen
Are You Smarter Than.... custom title screen
 It isn't just the back end that's had a makeover, we've drastically changed the graphics in the games--including adding dozens of new title screen templates.

Users can still add their own graphics, put text over their own graphics, customize one of our templates AND they can now use any of these professionally-designed title screens.

Smack Down custom title screen
Some of the new game screens.
 In addition to the title screens, the game boards themselves have been redesigned for a fresh, clean look. These game "skins" allow trainers to have a variety of different looks--from corporate-sleek to Hollywood-style splashy--that they can change on a game-by-game basis. Classic game boards are also available.
The class list in AllPlay mode
Re-designed AllPlay screen
 Oh, and did we mention...there are now 7 different games in Gameshow Pro 5?

AND we've incorporated AllPlay functionality into the software? This means that each player can answer game questions using their own keypad—for accurate tracking and assessment—OR players can use slammers to ring-in as a team for an exciting game show experience.

Tic Tac Toe in AllPlay Mode
Currently our Categories, Tic Tac Toe and AllPlay games have AllPlay functionality--designed from the ground up to work perfectly with the natural game play of those programs. Assessment…review…preview…instruction…and more… Gameshow Pro 5 is the most advanced, easy-to-use, exciting and effective game show template software available!