Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Training Design with the Game Show in Mind: P&G Case Study

LearningWare's 16-plus years of experience being directly involved with training design and the training industry has enabled us to provide solutions above and beyond simple game show software.

Proctor&Gamble (P&G) came to us with interest in Gameshow Pro, initially. They held a week-long training course for interns transitioning to full time positions in the marketing department (called ABM College), and were looking to review and reinforce (dry) content in a way that would appeal to a younger generation.

They knew they had to engage the troops with interaction, and that game shows were the right direction to go. However, they needed guidance to incorporate games into the 5-day training program. We consulted with the head trainers at P&G to develop a program that fully engaged their trainees throughout the ABM College.

  • Designed a team competition that utilized Gameshow Pro and other activities to keep everyone engaged—with a stake in learning the information.
  • Streamlined the content and organized it into learner-friendly chunks.
  • Worked with presenters on making each individual portion interactive and engaging.
  • Developed a comprehensive production guide.
  • Consulted on all aspects of the training including presentation graphics, signage, course materials, and pre- and post- communication.
  • Were on site at the first rollout to make sure that all the activities went off smoothly and the team competition was organized.
Gameshow Pro was utilized heavily throughout; we had "Branding Feud", a Categories-style "FMOT/SMOT Challenge" and many other game rounds either before or after a presentation to preview and review content.

Result: P&G elicits feedback after every ABM College. The change in format and interaction brought on a dramatic increase in the feedback scores for the event. Participants loved the games and team activities, and felt they got a lot out of their week.

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